In Search of Oldton

The timber yard backs directly onto the station car park.

This is a hangover from the days when raw materials were delivered by rail. But the motorway must have soon put a stop to all that.

It's round here that you'll find the only phone box in town. Mazzy's grandad must have walked past it every day on his way to work as station master.

And Paul left three of his favourite LPs in there one evening and never got them back. If you own second hand copies of 'Here Come the Warm Jets' by Brian Eno, 'The Faust Tapes' by Faust or 'Brain Capers' by Mott the Hoople, you may well be holding a little piece of Oldton in your hand.

I remember listening a lot to 'Last Train To Clarksville' by the Monkees when I lived in Oldton.

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